How Women Lead Awarded Grant from the Nasdaq Foundation to Propel Women's Financial Literacy and Capital Markets Participation

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 3:30pm UTC

How Women Lead Awarded Grant from the Nasdaq Foundation to Propel Women's Financial Literacy and Capital Markets Participation

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- How Women Lead, a nonprofit network of over 20,000 women leaders collectively and individually working towards equity in women's leadership and financial advancement, today announced it has been awarded a grant from the Nasdaq Foundation to expand financial literacy and capital markets participation among women, particularly women of color. This collaboration will create a resource center for women to access the knowledge, skills, and networks needed to thrive in the financial world. 

Women are new entrants to investing in capital markets and there is a transformation underway today. Women have 52% of wealth and research shows that an unprecedented amount of assets will shift into the hands of US women representing a $30 trillion opportunity by 2030. For the first time ever, we can anticipate a greater transfer of wealth to women. The impact of this could be massive especially when combined with a strong focus on education, access and inspiration. 

Through the grant award, which is part of the Nasdaq Foundation's New Investor Initiative, How Women Lead will leverage its platforms, communities, and expertise to educate, inspire, and engage women from diverse backgrounds to feel confident and take action as investors. The potential impact of this wave could have a transformational effect because of the way women invest. Research by How Women Lead shows that women are values-aligned, responsible investors more likely to invest in products like mutual funds and less likely to trade individual stocks. How their engagement en masse will impact companies into the future is an exciting and potentially disruptive force.

The partnership will leverage How Women Lead's extensive network of executive women leaders and the Nasdaq Foundation's expertise in promoting diversity in financial literacy and investing, and supporting women-led businesses.

Content- and experience-rich articles authored by industry leaders, LinkedIn Live events and interviews on the How Women Inspire podcast platform will feature exceptional women who are moving the needle and bringing game-changing innovations to the world of venture investing and entrepreneurship. This collaboration will highlight the power of women as the new face of venture investing and entrepreneurship, as well as offer education, tools, and resources to inspire more women to navigate capital markets with confidence while fostering economic growth for women-led businesses.

"There is a huge economic opportunity to invest in women, especially women of color, right now. We are excited to join forces with the Nasdaq Foundation to amplify the importance of financial literacy and capital markets participation for women," said Julie Castro Abrams, founder and CEO of How Women Lead. "Together, we are committed to closing the gender gap in financial knowledge and investing, supporting women in taking control of their financial futures, and fueling growth for women entrepreneurs."

"The Nasdaq Foundation's New Investor Initiative is dedicated to reimaging investor engagement in supporting underserved communities with the tools, programs, and expertise needed to overcome barriers to generating wealth," said Jailan Griffiths, Nasdaq's Global Head of Purpose and President of the Nasdaq Foundation. "Our partnership through the New Investor Initiative with How Women Lead will provide valuable resources and support for women seeking to build wealth, invest in their businesses, and contribute to the growth of women-led enterprises."

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How Women Lead connects 20,000 top executive women to activate their individual and collective power to achieve equity for women. Founded in 2012, the organization fights for change at all levels by affecting systems reform, mobilizing movements, education, research and access to opportunities like board seats and investing. How Women Lead's philanthropic arm, How Women Give, provides grants and invaluable connections to women's and girls' organizations on the frontlines of today's most critical issues. And its sister organization, How Women Invest, invites women to play big and powerfully in venture, making meaningful investments and propelling high-potential, women-led companies forward at scale. For more information, visit

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